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D.B.M.A. is the “system of many styles” founded by Guro Marc “Crafty Dog” Denny.

It is a FMA based system (Inosanto, Pekiti Tirsia and Lameco as well as others) with Krabi Krabong, Silat, BJJ and Bando all playing important roles as well. 

The fighting of the system is tested principally in "Real Contact Stickfighting" at a "Dog Brothers' Gathering of the Pack".  This fighting, which takes place in the Ritual Space, must then be understood in terms of the requirements of the Real World.  For example, one of the reasons the double stick is cultivated in the ritual space is for its development of bilateralism (-the ability to move in any direction with either side forward and to fluidly shift between the two-) a skill needed for the realities of a multiple player world.  Another example is that staff is emphasized so that one may improvise with all items in the environment requiring two hands. This point is an important one in understanding the system:

The skills that we choose to develop and test in the ritual space are chosen with the real world in mind.


We want to underline that DBMA is a system for PRACTITIONERS as well as FIGHTERS.  It is not a system only for young tough males who want to fight. Sure, we do that but as far as the system of DBMA goes our mission is to help people be able to walk as a warrior for all their days.